We are a dedicated kennel of Working Line German Shepherd dogs located in Queensland, Australia. Our breeding program is designed at breeding dogs that conform to the breed standard in its entirety. Our dogs are able to function well in the role they were bred and selected to do, whether it be as a companion, protection, service or sport dog. We believe in breeding dogs with strong nerves, high intelligence, intense drives and tremendous courage. We follow the guidelines of Max von Stephanitz who formulated the major goals for breeding in one simple phrase:
"Breeding German Shepherd Dogs means breeding working dogs."
In 2009 we were extremely honoured to have Raennik Aiko awarded the "Working Service Dog Award" by the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia. Only one dog is selected by Council every year to receive this award. We were thrilled to have one of our dogs chosen as it is the first time a working line German Shepherd has been selected.
Our puppies are raised in our house in a family environment. They are carefully nurtured and exposed to a variety of new situations. Puppies are microchipped at the time of vaccination and tattooed under the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia's tattoo scheme. All puppies are sold under the Main Register of the Canine Control Council of Queensland unless otherwise agreed upon.
We want every puppy to grow up to be a pleasure to train, to work and in life.


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Raennik Ella, Vonarden Aria, Leigh Robertson, Raennik Frankie and puppy Monsimbee Xango.
Frankie, Aria, Ella
Aria, Sophie, Frankie, Isabella, Ella