Dam - Inka (IID). Dark Sable. Elbows 0:0, Hips 7:4.
Sire - Fax Vom Grenzganger HD- Normal (Germany)

Raennik Adolf 4100096097 (Black-M)
Raennik Aiko 4100096098 (Sable-M)
Raennik Argos 4100096099 (Sable-M)
Raennik Araz 4100096100 (Sable-M)
Raennik Amber 4100096101 (Sable-F)
Raennik Arwen 4100096102 (Sable-F)
Raennik Asta 4100096103 (Sable-F)
Raennik Asia 410096104 (Sable-F)

Raennik Bindi 4100106010 (Sable-F)
Raennik Bosco 4100106011 (Sable-M)
Raennik Brawnson 4100106012 (Sable-M)
Raennik Bodo 4100106013 (Sable-M)
Raennik Bero 4100106014 (Sable-M)

Inka and Fax produced two phenomenal litters for us. Dogs from this combination have proven themselves to be excellent working dogs and wonderful producers, doing their breed proud. They are employed as police dogs in the Queensland and New South Wales Police Service, as operational security dogs, as Schutzhund competitors and as family companions. These dogs have proven to be large, substantial, athletic animals with incredible mental and physical power.

Fax vom Grenzgänger, SchH III, Kkl.1, SZ:1965743, SG, HD-normal (ZW 82). Fax was socially dominant with incredibly strong nerves, intense working drives and was a serious and impressive competitor on the trial field. He was a competitor at the Bundessiegerprüfungen, placing in 12th position. He has an outstanding pedigree combining a superb blend of Czech, former DDR and German bloodlines. His sire, Dolf ze Zakovy Hory, SchH3, was a premier stud dog in Germany. Fee am Pilgerbach, is SchH 3 and FH, as are both her parents.
Breed Survey - An over medium sized, strong male with a good head, high withers, good back, good length and lay of croup. Good fore angulation and very good hindquarter angulation. Normal chest proportions. Correct front. Steps correctly front and rear and the ground covering gait comes from a firm back. Dark eyes, strong bones and strong over and under jaw. A correctly built black male with a good anatomy. TSB pronounced; Does out. Graded Breed Class 1 For Life.
A Litter Whelped  22nd May, 2003.
B Litter Whelped 6th March, 2004.