Dam - Raennik Bindi. Dark Sable. Elbows 0:0. Hips 0:3
Sire - Nordenstamm Erix. Black. Elbows 0:0 . Hips 2:1
Whelped 19th July, 2006.

A German Shepherd litter that has excelled in the working arena. These puppies are impressive both physically and mentally. They have excellent working drives with strong nerves and outstanding temperaments. They have great structure, beautiful heads and are strong, healthy animals.
Five sable males, one black male and three sable females.
We retained Raennik Candy for our breeding program. Four of the males were sold to N.S.W. Police Dog Squad after being made "Wildlife Warriors" by Australia Zoo, and two were sold to N.S.W. Corrective Services Department. The two remaining females were sold to families as Personal Protection Dogs.

Raennik Catherine 4100136613 (Sable-F)
Raennik Catja 4100136614 (Sable-F)
Raennik Candy 4100136615 (Sable-F)
Raennik Cairo 4100136616 ( Sable-M)
Raennik Crock 4100136617 (Sable-M)
Raennik Condor 4100136618 (Sable-M)
Raennik Calvin 4100136619 (Sable-M)
Raennik Cruize 4100136620 (Black-M)
Raennik Caine 4100136621 (Sable-M)

Line bred
Fax v Grenzganger 2-2
Dolf ze Zakovy hory 3-3,5
Fee am Pilgerbach 3-3
Bero v Friedersdorfer Flur 4-4
Centa Kanicky les 4-4
Mink v. Haus Wittfeld 4-4
Cindy v. Lelbacher Hexenteich 4-4
Held v Ritterberg 5-5
Ivett v Furstendamm 5-5
Brytt Sil-Spur 5-5
Bria kalasova Dvora 5-5
Ylo v Waldeckerhof 5-5
Cora v Haardblick 5-5
Wicko v Meran 5-5
Pia v haus Touristik 5-5

Rick 4100100474 was an imposing, handsome, large black male son of Fax vom Grenzganger out of Cendraise Inka. He displayed high working drives with super nerves. He was a stable and social dog off the competition field. He has a fantastic pedigree, combining superb working dogs like Mink von Haus Wittfeld, Gento von Haus Larwin, Anker von Ursania and Drechsler vom Warnautal. Sadly, Rick was PTS after an accident in 2007.