Our puppies are stimulated from birth using the three kinds of stimulation that impact and influence development - early neurological stimulation, socialization and enrichment.
To promote the psychological and physiological development of puppies we utilize the canine Bio Sensor program as developed by the US Military. It is known that early neurological stimulation exercises lead to an increase in the performance of a working dog. Dogs that have been exposed to the Bio Sensor stimulation exercises show marked benefits including

Puppy Development

1) Improved cardio vascular performance
2) Stronger heart beats
3) Stronger adrenal glands
4) Higher tolerance to stress
5) Increased resistance to disease
6) Increase in activity and exploration
7) Dominance in competitive situations

Our puppies are heavily socialized and provided with a rich sensory environment including spending quality one on one time with people. When puppies are old enough we take them out to new environments such as shopping centers and train stations, both as a group and individually. We spend a lot of time on a daily basis playing with and handling our puppies to ensure the correct development of each puppies temperament.
Our dogs and puppies are exclusively fed a BARF (Bones and Raw Food) diet as we believe that this maximizes the health, longevity and reproductive capacity of dogs and as a secondary effect minimizes the need for veterinary intervention. Our puppies are health checked and vaccinated by a veterinarian prior to their arrival at their new home.
We constantly assess each puppy as they grow and develop. At 7 weeks of age we conduct a puppy test on our puppies then make final decisions on the correct placement of each puppy.