Dam - Raennik Bindi. Dark Sable. Elbows 0:0. Hips 0:3
Sire -  Alpinebase Karlo. Sable. Elbows 0:0 . Hips 1:1
Whelped 24th November, 2009.
Raennik Ella        4100180922
Raennik Emma    4100180923
Raennik Eike       4100180924
Raennik Elliot     4100180925
Raennik Eko       4100180926
Raennik Ethan    4100180927
Raennik Erix      4100180928
Raennik Bindi was bred to Alpinebase Karlo and she whelped 7 puppies - 5 males and two females. We retained Raennik Ella, the most outstanding female from the litter, to continue with our breeding program. Puppies from this combination are showing excellent working drives and conformation. One of these puppies, Raennik Eko, was awarded Best Puppy in Group when he was exhibited at a show. We believe he is the first black German Shepherd and the first working line German Shepherd in Australia to achieve this goal.
                                              Castor Vom Ritterland SchHIII, FHII (Ger) SV1900310
                               Arko Vom Kocherwald (Ger) SV204837
                                               Ondra Von Der Dollenweise SchHI, (Ger) SV 1950586  
              Alpinebase Baron 3100160414
                                               Devil Vom Alten Wingertshaus SchHIII (Ger) SV2054163
                               Kirsty Von Der Sandkautschneise (Imp Ger) SV2137357
                                               Edda Von Der Sandkautschneise SchI (Ger) SV 2035594
                                               WitoVon Der Stadt SchMalkalden SchIII (Ger) SV1811073
                               Devil Vom Alten Wingertshaus SchHIII (Ger) SV2054163
                                                Daisy Vom Alten Wingertshaus SchHIII (Ger) SV1931585
                   Alpinebase Aischa (IID) 3100160414
                                                 Largo Von Der MaineicheSchHIII (Ger) SV 1940152
                               Isy Vom Klostersee (Imp Ger) SV 2134091
                                                   Alina Vom Larinmoos SchHI (Ger) SV2081969
Alpinebase Karlo
Raennik Bindi
                                           Bero v. Friedersdorfer Flur, DDR 141871, SchH 1
                Dolf ze Zakovy hory, CKSP 81985, SchH 3, ZVV 1
                        Centa Kanicky les, CKSP 20885, ZVV 2, SZ 9004982
               Fax v. Grenzgänger, SchH 3, Kkl.1, SZ:1965743
                        Mink v. Haus Wittfeld, SchH 3, FH, AD, Kkl. 1(2 x BSP)
                                Fee am Pilgerbach, SchH 3, FH, SZ: 1772452
                        Cindy v. Lelbacher Hexenteich, SchH 3
                        Arko Honest, CKSP 70844, SchH 3, IPO 3, FH        
                Stormfront's Brawnson, SchH3, IPO3, FH, DPO2, WPO, PSD
                                                Maja v. Fuchsgraben, DDR, SchH1, SZ: 1838662
                  Von Forell Amber (IID) (Inka) BH 3100094788
                        Quark v. Schutzengel, GS-46310F4OM-T
                Bella v. Rosenzweig, DDR (Imp USA.)
                                                 Annah Vom Haus Gebets 
Alpinebase Karlo is a substantial male with a balanced drives and a high level of social dominance. He demonstrates outstanding character, wonderful nerves and pronounced courage. He is a serious and impressive dog with an excellent working line pedigree. Elbows 0:0, Hips 1:1.