Dam - Raennik Candy. Sable. Elbows 0:0, Hips 0:3
Sire - Vonarden Aron. Black. Elbows 0:0, Hips 2:2
Whelped 14th January, 2011.
Raennik Candy was bred to Vonarden Aron and produced five puppies that are maturing into wonderful working dogs. They display the intelligence, trainability and super temperaments that we strive for. There were three females and two males. We retained the black female Raennik Frankie and she is maturing into an awesome bitch with high drives, wonderful character and solid  nerves. She is a large bitch with very nice bone and substance.
Raennik Fern 4100195800 (Black-F)
Raennik Frankie 4100195801 (Black-F)
Raennik Fenna 4100195802 (Sable-F)
Raennik Frodo 4100195803 (Sable-M)
Raennik Fenix 4100195804 (Sable-M)
Vonarden Aron is a lovely young male that displays great working ability. He has rock solid nerves, high energy, extreme drives, a phenomenal grip and is sociable and confident. We are extremely  happy with the puppies from this litter and hope they will grow up to be a pleasure to own and train.