Dam - Von Arden Aria. Black 4100169839
Sire  - Vontama Bravo. Black 4100116248
Whelped 19th October, 2011
Aria was bred to the impressive  Vontama Bravo and produced 6 super puppies, 3 females and 3 males. Bravo is a large, masculine male that has sired some very nice puppies, many of them are in the services as operational dogs for Police and Corrective Services both in Queensland and other states. He also has the added bonus of perfect hip and elbow scores, 0:0 elbows, 0:0 hips.
Raennik Hassan   4100207001
Raennik Heicko   4100207002
Raennik Hercules 4100207003
RaennikHannah   4100207004
RaennikHazel      4100207005
Raennik Halle      4100207006
                Dolf Ze Zakovy Hory SchHIII (DEU) SZ 1798811(Black)
        Fax Vom Grenzganger SchHIII (IMP DEU) SZ 1965743 (Black)
                Fee Am Pilgerbach SchHIII FH (DEU) SZ 1772452 (Black)
Vontama Bravo 4100116248 (Black)
                Asa Vom Haus Gebets (IMP USA) DL 532845/05 (Sable)
        Vonhargadain Banshee 3100089213 (Black)
                Gina Vom Wimbachtal (IMP BEL) SZ1956591 (Sable)
Elbows 0:0, Hips 0:0