Police dog's strong blue bloodline
Article from: http://www.news.com.au/couriermail/
Robyn Ironside and Tristan Swanwick
January 08, 2008 11:00pm
QUEENSLAND's police dog squad is undergoing an Ike-over with 24 pups from the big German shepherd following in their dad's footsteps throughout the state. 
At the tender age of four, police dog Ike has built up such a reputation for his policing prowess, he is now widely sought after as a breeding dog . Police dog squads' state coordinator Senior Sergeant Terry Cantwell said eight of Ike's offspring were working as far afield as Mount Isa and Mackay and another 16 were part of the recruitment program. "He just produces very good police dogs," said Sen-Sgt Cantwell. With a reputation for "dogged determination", Ike would appear to be a police officer's best friend - and a criminal's worst enemy . Early yesterday morning, the dog was helping handler Sergeant Sean Chapman track a suspected car thief on Rouen Rd, Bardon. When the suspect grabbed hold of Sgt Chapman and refused to let go, Ike came to his rescue. Just 24 hours earlier, Ike scored another victory against crime after helping to catch two would-be thieves armed with a sledgehammer and a crowbar at Aspley, on Brisbane's northside. He chased one of them dragging him off his bicycle. "He is very keen to track and loves to locate offenders," said Sen-Sgt Cantwell.
NOSE for trouble . . . Ike the dog's career is in the blood with his offspring serving far and wide across the state.