Inka (iiu) was a gorgeous black sable daughter of Stormfront's Brawnson and Bella von Rosenzweig. Inka was a substantial, intelligent, courageous female with intense drives. She proved herself to be a fabulous brood bitch and passed on her superb temperament and character to her puppies.
Elbows 0:0, Hips 7:4
Her puppies are working in both the Queensland and N.S.W. Police Dog Squads. One son, Police Dog Ike (Raennik Aiko), made a name for himself in the Quensland S.E.R.T. Police Unit both as an excellent working dog and a potent producer of service dogs. We were very lucky to retain Raennik Bindi and Raennik Adolf who have both proven to be superb working dogs, wonderful producers and great ambassadors for their breed.

Line bred
5-5………... Held v. Ritterberg

Stormfront's Brawnson
SchH3,DPO2,WPO,FH(100pts.),FH2(98pts),KKL2,HDZW 97,Dual Purpose Patrol/Narcotics K9, retired SWAT Entry Team K9, 2000 & 2002 USA National Police Dog Champion, 2x IDM World Team Member, 5x  USA National Competitor, 2x Regional Champion. Brawnson was an extremely powerful, hard, dominant, alpha male with extreme drives, super dark pigment, massive bone and nerves of steel. He was a true black sable of East German/Czech blood.

Line bred
4-5.......... Ingo v. Rudingen.
Bella von Rosenzweig was a substantial and impressive bitch of 100% DDR breeding.
Line bred
3, 4-5………. Don v. Rolandsteich
5-4………Olita v. Baruther Land.