August 2011
Vonarden Aria has been bred to Vontama Bravo (Elbows 0:0, Hips 0:0). We hope to have a litter of incredible working line puppies in October 2011. Puppies will all be solid black. Expressions of interest welcome.
Monsimbee Xango has arrived safe and sound from Monsimbee Kennels. He is a super puppy and we are hoping he matures into the awesome dog his Pedigree says he should be.
July 2011
Our G Litter has arrived. Raennik Candy has whelped three gorgeous puppies to Raennik Elliot. One male and two females. All sold.
G Litter 4 weeks
Raennik Eko, Ella and Erix have been hip and elbow scored under the GSDCA scheme, all receiving their A and Z Stamps. Elliot was scored independently but also meets the criteria for his A and Z stamp.
Raennik Frankie and Monsimbee Xango were both xrayed and scored under the scheme of the GSDCA. Both were awarded their A and Z scores for hips and elbows. Xango, his sister Xalee and brother Xayne all recieved 0:0 elbow scores and all three excellent hip scores, well done to their breeder Karen Eaton of Monsimbee Kennels.

Xango was issued his Haemophilla Normal Certificate from the GSDCA.

Xango sired a litter of puppies with Raennik Candy at a very tender age thanks to Isabella who left a gate open. He said "thanks Issy and you can leave as many gates open as you like". Luckilly the puppies are super and have all gone to fabulous homes. Check out our Raennik I Litter.

Raennik Adolf went to heaven, a sad loss for a fabulous dog. He has some super puppies around so has added to the legacy started by our incredible Inka.
January 2013
Raennik Frodos ( Raennik Candy x Vonarden Aron who is a Raennik Adolf son) owner has just notified us that his hip and elbow scores have been returned to her and he scored a perfect 0:0 for elbows and 0:0 for hips. She has done a wonderful job in raising him, he is a credit to her and his genetics.

Raennik J Litter is on the ground, 1 female and 3 males from the great combination of Raennik Candy and Monsimbee Xango (Son of the super SERT Police Dog Ike). Expressions of interest are welcome.
H Litter 5 weeks

Frankie and Xango playing hard.
H Litter
I Litter 7 weeks
Xango 18 months
J Litter 3 weeks
Monsimbee Xango has been bred to Raennik Frankie, we expect some superb working line puppies in early March, expressions of interest welcome.